Wine For A Healthy Planet

Pinot Gris Bottle ShotOur 2019 Pinot Gris is featured in the 2021 Food & Wine Classic – Online Edition, as part of executive wine editor Ray Isle’s seminar, “Wines for a Healthy Planet,” an exploration of the various Environmentally friendly wine designations:

“Elk Cove, under the winemaking direction of Adam Campbell, has become one of Oregon’s premier wineries, making sublime single-vineyard Pinot Noirs and also this peachy, crisp Pinot Gris. It’s a perfect, sustainably-made summer white.”

Executive Wine Editor Ray Isle, Food & Wine
The trio of wines Ray Isle is presenting at the 2021 Food & Wine Classic


More from Food & Wine about the event:

“The Classic At Home drinks programming is outstanding. Instead of concentrating solely on wine like last time, we’ll have cocktail demos, too (and, of course, plenty of great chef demos). For executive wine editor Ray Isle’s seminar, “Wines for a Healthy Planet,” we’ve once again teamed up with so that if you want to taste along, you can have the wines sent directly to your home. They’re all affordable, excellent bottles. So, first register for the event here, then order the wines here.”

We make the best Pinot Gris we possibly can, driven by a love for the varietal (and the foods it compliments!) Together with our neighbors here in the Willamette Valley, we have put Oregon Pinot Gris on the map, elevating it to the #2 varietal planted in our region. Cheers!