two winemakers, Adam Campbell and Heather Perkin smelling red wine samples in front of barrels

Adam Campbell and Heather Perkin work together to produce the outstanding Pinot Noirs and cool climate white wines that Elk Cove is known for.

Adam Campbell

Owner and Winemaker Adam Campbell is the son of Elk Cove founders Pat and Joe Campbell and grew up on the property. Like all the Campbell kids, he spent his summers in the vineyard and on the bottling line, but Adam developed a special connection to the vineyards. In 1995 he joined forces with his folks to make Elk Cove’s wines and in 1999 he became head winemaker.

Living his whole life among the vines, Adam has tremendous respect for the land on which the grapes were grown:

“High quality wine really starts in the vineyard.   The time I spend stomping through our 350 acres of vines not only helps us make good decisions in viticulture, it also informs our winemaking decisions. Good winemaking is a mixture of art and science…  But at the end of the day I need great vineyard sites and impeccable farming to make phenomenal wines.”

Heather Perkin

Associate Winemaker Heather Perkin studied winemaking in her home country of Australia and started at Elk Cove as a seasonal winemaking intern. Her talent for systematizing the winemaking process has allowed Elk Cove to expand while improving wine quality:

“Working to balance the acid to fruit flavor in our white wines amazes me every year. Coupled with the stunning, elegant and robust Pinot Noirs I’m privileged to shepherd, working in Oregon really can’t be beat.

Every year is a clean slate – a new growing season and a new harvest with different fruit profiles, flavors and structure.  Endless possibilities to improve on last year’s blends.  And the view is spectacular!”