Top picks in case you’re ever stranded

bottle of pinot gris wine

Our 2021 Pinot Gris was chosen by The Seattle Times wine writer, Andy Perdue:

“Surrounded by water? Then it’s pinot gris and food from the sea for me. None is better than Elk Cove’s in Oregon. 

I’M NOT MUCH of a rum guy so if I end up stranded on a tropical island, my choice of what to sip while awaiting rescue will be wine. Lots of wine — a pallet of it — because I don’t want to worry about running out.

Since this is my fantasy, I’ll choose an island in the South Pacific, and I will be stranded with a corkscrew, a chef, unlimited stemware and a whole lot of books. Oh, and The Professor from ‘Gilligan’s Island’.” 

-Andy Perdue, former writer of The Grapevine

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