The 2GV Project – 2nd Generation Vintners

Adam and I on the old two-wheeler in 1982

When our family settled in Gaston and planted grapevines in 1974, most people in the Willamette Valley thought my folks were crazy. At the time no one had heard of a (good) Oregon wine.

My parents were fiercely independent, but soon they realized that they couldn’t make Oregon wine succeed all by themselves. They needed a strong community. And they shared a vision of making world-class Pinot Noir with other back-to-the-landers like the Ponzis and the Sokol Blossers. Together, these families built a famously collaborative winemaking region, gaining international recognition for Oregon wines along the way.

Now in the second generation, Elk Cove, Ponzi and Sokol Blosser remain family-owned and true to our roots. We share a history, but we also share a vision of the future as we look to the third generation.

The 2GV team from left to right: Maria Ponzi, Luisa Ponzi, Alison Sokol Blosser, Alex Sokol Blosser, Anna Campbell & Adam Campbell

My brother and I, together with Luisa and Maria Ponzi, Alex and Alison Sokol Blosser, created the 2GV project to explore this shared history and to plan for our shared future. We’ve created a collaborative Pinot Noir and a fascinating “hand vs land” seminar. Join us and get to know these Oregon Originals and the 2nd Generation Vintners project. Cheers!

-Anna Campbell

2GV Seminar
Saturday, July 14th 2-4 pm

Join 2GV, the 2nd Generation Vintners, for an informative wine tasting seminar.

We invite you to spend an afternoon with us in a tasting of “hand versus land” exploring the effects of vineyard site and winemaking style. Taste through the nine component wines and the final blend of the collaborative Pinot Noir made by the Elk Cove, Ponzi and Sokol Blosser siblings.

The collaborative winemaking team will guide you in this tasting while telling tales and answering your questions about growing up on the vineyard – and planning for the future of their Oregon original wineries.

$35 club, $50 general public
One tasting fee waived with a 2 bottle purchase

July 14th, 2019 2-4pm


2GV Oregon Originals Pinot Noir Cuvée – $100/bottle

Echoing the same collaborative spirit of their parents, together we’ve blended the fruit of each original vineyard into one single expression of Pinot Noir, highlighting the unique sites and individual styles of the winemakers.
150 cases donated
150 cases available for purchase