Video: Bottling Our Rosé

Check out the wine bottling process at Elk Cove. The video below shows our 2019 Rosé of Pinot Noir going into bottle in February of 2020. The very last part of the winemaking process, careful bottling is essential to ensuring the quality of the wine. Since 1977, we have always bottled Elk Cove wines ourselves.

Note: since this video was filmed, we’ve added social distancing measures to our bottling line. This has required more than just hand-sanitizer and masks, it’s required lots of space and some creative thinking. We’ve brought more tasks outdoors, we’ve added gravity rollers, and we’ve had members of the same household work together on tasks where we couldn’t maintain 6 feet of distance between us. Winemaker Adam Campbell still cleans the bottling line after every session and more than ever we are appreciative of his obsession with cleanliness in the cellar!

Thank you to our entire winemaking crew, especially José & Tavo, for your assistance in making this video. Slow-motion footage by Kevin Beasley.