Bottling our 100% Pinot Noir Rosé

The daffodils may be coming up, but for us bottling Rosé is the true sign that Spring is coming to the Willamette Valley. This is the first wine of the new vintage we release every year. When Summer hits, we’ll be toasting to the return of sunshine with glasses of pink wine.

We bottle our 100% Pinot Noir Rosé in clear glass because we want everyone to see its beautiful, pale rose color. After all, part of the joy of drinking a pink wine has always been admiring its color! Just like with all of our white wines, we add inert gas (CO2 or Nitrogen) at multiple points to prevent oxidation. To finish, we use a screwcap, the best closure for protecting the fresh aromatics of cool-climate white wines.

Carbon dioxide
Inert gas is added to the head-space and the screwcap after filling.

Like all of our wines, our Rosé is put into bottle in-house, with multiple checks for quality control. Every half hour we ensure caps are tight enough to protect the wine, but loose enough to open by hand:

Adam and José checking screwcap closures
Winemaker Adam Campbell and cellarmaster José Sotto check screwcap torque.

We hope you enjoy our Rosé – it’s one of our favorite wines to make and to pour.  Happy almost Spring!