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Have a great idea for a custom label? At Elk Cove, we offer any level of custom crush or private label work that you can dream up. We have proven experience creating Willamette Valley private label wines for a variety of clients.

Ready to get started? Reach out to your Elk Cove rep or contact Adam or Heather

How it works:

Be as involved as you want to be. You’ll meet with our winemakers to discuss your desired style and our current wines to create a unique blend that fits your ideal profile.

  • Farming: We’re known for our meticulous farming practices using organic methods
  • Fruit: We farm 400 acres on 6 unique sites representing 3 different soil types: Jory, Laurelwood & Willakenzie. We also purchase grapes from 20 or so high-quality growers, all from the northern Willamette Valley. We hand sort all Pinot Noir fruit.
  • Wines: We mostly consider these projects for Pinot Noir, However, we’ve also done Chardonnay and Pinot Gris and even Riesling and Sparkling Wine.
  • Blending: Join our winemaking team for barrel tasting, an on-site blending session or we’ll ship samples to your door.
  • Packaging: we source all packaging materials to get the best pricing for corks, labels, bottles etc.
  • Barrel Program: All pinot noir is aged in carefully sourced French oak barrels
  • Styles: We have lots with bigger tannins, other lots that are more fruit-forward, so we can find lots to suit your desired wine style.

How we’re different:

Unlike big custom crush facilities, we don’t have tanks of bulk wine ready to go. It might take a little longer, but the wine we create for you will be unique. Ideally we start the process in the vineyard at the beginning of the growing season in March or April. However, we can come up with a blend for a small number of clients any time of the year. We only have small lots available, because we only make wines at the quality we’re known for.

  • Minimum volume: 200 cases (3.5-4 pallets) By sourcing from 8-9 barrels, it’s easy to come up with unique, high-quality blend so this is the ideal lot size to ensure quality.
  • Design: The name and label design is up to you.
  • Compliance: We handle all compliance and producer taxes. We just have to sell to a licensed retailer or restaurant.
  • Timing: Process takes around 1 year from start to finish.
  • Delivery: As soon as wine is finished we ship it at your expense to your warehouse.
  • Price Point: Wines generally retail between $25 – $40

Who we’ve worked with:

We’ve partnered with growers, wineries (Miramont Estates), retailers (New Seasons, Hart Mountain, Neiman Marcus), restauranteurs and distributors.

 “ I am beyond grateful for my private label partnership with Elk Cove Vineyards. Adam Campbell has been such a stellar communicator and made the process easy, transparent and reliable. Our guests adore the wines and we are all so pleased with this on-going high quality collaboration. I highly recommend Elk Cove for your private label needs and have been 100% satisfied since we started working with them since 2019 to today 2022.”

– Trina McAlexander, Grateful Vineyards Owner/Farmer

Examples of our private label projects:

Custom Labels

Don’t have artwork of your own? We have label artwork available for purchase by Pacific Northwest artists inspired by our local elk herd:

For more information, please send questions to Adam or Heather.