A Well-Crafted Pinot – Drinkhacker

Drinkhacker reviewed our 2019 Goodrich Pinot Noir:

“Do yourself a favor and chill this pinot noir slightly, which helps to coax out notes of cherries and chocolate — iconic elements of a well-crafted pinot. Some warmth allows notes of oak staves, fresh thyme, and rosemary — and a touch of tannic bitterness — to grow in prominence, and while none of those are ever off-putting, it’s in the slightly sweeter moments where this wine really shines. A- / $60– Christopher Null, Founder and editor in chief of Drinkhacker

Drinkhacker was founded in 2007 by Christopher Null, a longtime entertainment, technology, and lifestyle writer, award-winning winemaker, and the finicky proprietor of what has been called “the best home bar in San Francisco”.

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