“From Elk Grove to Elk Cove, Thorns star Kelli Hubly is an Oregon wine advocate”

Photo by Josh Chang of Foundry 503

At Elk Cove we’re massive Thorns fans – and not just because of our proximity to Soccer City USA (Portland). We have a years-long connection to defender Kelli Hubly, a Thorns Football Club star, six-year professional soccer player and fan of our Clay Court Pinot Noir.

Kelli recently came back to Elk Cove with wine writer Michael Alberty for a feature in The Oregonian:

“Kelli Hubly grew up in a wine-loving Illinois family where bold California reds ruled the roost. When Hubly joined the Portland Thorns in 2017, Oregon’s pinot power won over the center back.

Over the years, I’ve wondered whether the Thorns have a wine culture like so many professional sports teams these days. When I asked recently retired Thorns midfielder Angela Salem about teammates who like wine, she said, “You need to talk to Kelli Hubly.”

I offered Hubly her choice of interview locations, and she selected Elk Cove Vineyards, calling it her “favorite Oregon winery.” I assumed she was drawn to Elk Cove because the winery’s name reminded her of Elk Grove Village, the Chicago suburb where she grew up. It turns out kismet was responsible.”

Read more of Michael Alberty’s interview with soccer star Kelly Hubly in The Oregonian and at oregonlive.com

Thank you Kelli for being a powerful advocate for Oregon Wine and the responsible combination of wine and sport. We look forward to trying your wines someday.

Go Thorns FC!