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Get 3 Elk Cove Vineyard Estate favorites: La Bohème, Roosevelt, & our Brut Rosé & we’ll donate $50 to the Oregon Food Bank!


$25 Flat-Rate Shipping On All Gifts November 1st – December 31st

“The Oregon Food Bank collects food from farmers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, individuals and government sources. We distribute that food through a Statewide Network of 21 Regional Food Banks and approximately 1,400 food assistance sites serving all of Oregon and Clark County, Washington.

We are dedicated to ensuring that no one goes hungry today, that Oregon becomes the first state without hunger, and that people experiencing hunger are at the center of all we do.”

Learn more at oregonfoodbank.org



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La Bohème

Pat and Joe Campbell named La Bohème vineyard after the family who sold them the property – and their favorite Puccini opera. This picturesque vineyard overlooks the winery and the coast range mountains and rises to 800 feet, making it one of the highest elevation vineyard sites in the Willamette Valley. Fruit for this Brut Rosé was sourced from the lower blocks of La Bohème and harvested early at a lower ripeness. The lower initial sugar level helps us keep the final alcohol level at our desired 12-13%.


Roosevelt vineyard was planted in 1993 and has quickly become Elk Cove’s most prized vineyard site. A four-acre high-density (2100 vines per acre) planting situated just south of the winery on Willakenzie soils, Roosevelt’s south-facing hillside slopes to a steep precipice overlooking the magnificent Williams Canyon.

Roosevelt undergoes extensive pruning and cluster thinning to limit yields and maximize ripening to concentrate the fruit and is managed using completely organic practices. All of these elements combine to consistently produce one of Oregon’s finest Pinot Noirs.