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2011 Riesling Late Harvest

The 2011 Riesling Late Harvest is not just a dessert wine – its lively acidity makes the wine pair beautifully with food.  Subtle tones of sweet apricots, almonds and honey on the nose lead to a palate of fresh pineapple and crème brulée well balanced by the bright acid in this sweet wine.


We only produce our Riesling Late Harvest in years when we can allow the fruit to ripen fully on the vine.  In Oregon, this depends both on the timing of both harvest and the fall rains.


Our Late Harvest Riesling is made from very ripe fruit with 5-20% botrytis (noble rot) which adds an earthy honey character to the wine.  The grapes are whole-cluster pressed and fermented at very cool temperatures in small stainless steel tanks to retain the freshness of the Riesling grapes.  Some of the original sweetness is always retained in the final wine, without sacrificing structure and acidity.